My friends, Cathey Carey, Cathie Jones and I have been invited to display our paintings and hand painted glass ware in the Opera House at Rashelica Winery and Art Garden (formerly Salerno Winery) on November 3-4 from 1-5 pm each day. 17948 California 67, Ramona, California. This Winery is a phenomenal art destination with acres of sculpture gardens culminating in a full size replica of Michelangelo‚Äôs La Pieta.

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  • Beach Boy
    Beach Boy
  • Beautiful Ladies On A Beautiful Day
    Beautiful Ladies On A Beautiful Day
  • Daley Ranch
    Daley Ranch
  • Feeling Pretty
    Feeling Pretty
  • Flight Of Fancy - Blue
    Flight Of Fancy - Blue
  • Fuerte y Amable
    Fuerte y Amable

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