• Bolivian Veggie Vendor
    Bolivian Veggie Vendor
  • Bonaire
  • Darcy
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
  • Doylestown Fire Hydrant
    Doylestown Fire Hydrant
  • Flower Pots
    Flower Pots


    My paintings are of a variety of subjects. What most have in common is my attempt to capture an instant in time when I looked at something or someone and saw that thing or those people in a way that grabbed my heart and arrested me. My paintings are just me trying to share that elusive but very visceral experience with you.

    • Beach Boy
      Beach Boy
    • Beautiful Ladies On A Beautiful Day
      Beautiful Ladies On A Beautiful Day
    • Daley Ranch
      Daley Ranch
    • Feeling Pretty
      Feeling Pretty
    • Flight Of Fancy - Blue
      Flight Of Fancy - Blue
    • Fuerte y Amable
      Fuerte y Amable

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